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Michael Anaradian


Michael co-founded Northwest Petroleum in 1987. He has broad experience and understands both the investment and production sides of the business. He started his career at EF Hutton as a security broker. He left that profession and began a career in what would be one of his passions—oil and gas industry.

Michael worked as a drilling consultant and supervisor for Red Bird Petroleum in Texas. He formed a partnership and together they started Glenco Drilling in Kentucky acting as field manager for exploration and completion programs, including drilling and/or completion and production of 50+ wells. Michael became President and Chief Executive Officer of Petrodyne Ltd.

At Northwest Petroleum Inc., Michael works closely with geologists and geophysicists in the geological and seismic evaluation of new prospects. Michael continues his duties designing and executing the drilling, completion and production programs of the wells, coordination of project activities with governmental authorities to ensure compliance with regulations, permitting, and bonding. Michael is the liaison with vendors, industry partners, and program capitalization.

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Please fill out our contact form to contact any of our team today

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