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Geology related services


Land and leasing including permitting

Oil and gas well concept and design

Petroleum engineering services

Well costing and budgeting

Drilling programs

Pumping units and tank farm designs

Contracts with refineries or purchasers

Oil and gas accounting and financial services

Distribution of funds on behalf of investors

Long term cash flow for our investors

Acting on behalf on investors on projects

Reporting to government regarding any services


Technology and new techniques have made reserves available that would otherwise be unknown or too expensive to access. If investing in our services interests you please contact us as soon as possible for some free no obligation advice.

Preparing For Production

As part of our business practices, If a well is determined to be commercially productive, Northwest Petroleum will prepare a report for you and begin the process to sell oil on the location. This is how we bring our investors the best possible returns.

Production Starts

Once everything is in place and ready to go, we will get under way with product. From here, the well is pumping and revenue will be generated and distributed to investors.

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If you are interested in investing in gas and oil and would like some more information, please contact us as soon as possible for some free expert advice.

Best investment I've made, still getting checks regularly. Staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I don't know where I'd be if I didn't put money in this. Me and my family thanks you, highly recommended!


Chicago, Illinois

I have invested in 127 wells with 30 different groups. Northwest Petroleum is the only one where I still receive regular checks. The other 29 groups have either disappeared or send requests for additional investment due to cost overruns.


Lacey, Washington

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