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Northwest Petroleum is an independent oil company that has been successfully drilling for oil and gas since 1987. The leadership team has proven performance and understands the needs of investors and the demands of the oil field.

Company History

1987 – Company Formation

Northwest Petroleum is founded by Michael Anaradian after years of experience in the Oil production industry – bringing his expertise to Northwest Petroleum based on the principals of both the investment and production sides of the business.

1988 – First Drilling Project Production

After just one year of company formation, Northwest Petroleum successfully drills and produces oil from its first well.

2007 – Award Winning Company

Northwest Petroleum is recognized as one of the countries leading under-50 employee oil production companies.

2018 – Projects Still Producing Profits

As of 2018, Northwest Petroleum is still delivering checks to investors coming from successful, long established producing Oil wells.

“Best investment I’ve made, still getting checks regularly. Staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable.”

Why Work With Us?

Northwest Petroleum is an independent oil company – which means no excessive red tape or fees; just sit back and receive your monthly check.

Due to technology lowering costs, and export prices rising; there is huge room for growth in the oil sector.

Lastly, we always make sure our clients are well informed when it comes to your investment.

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