Northwest Petroleum would like to update everyone on the progress of the Powerline #1 oil project. There is a group of people that live near the drill site that filed a complaint with the Kern County Board of Supervisors which put a halt on the NWP Powerline #1 drilling project. Due to this, NWP had to file a 160-page Environmental Impact Report addendum with the Planning and Natural Resources Department. On January 15th, we went in front of the Kern County Board of Supervisors with our permitting contractor’s and were granted permission to drill five oil wells.

Moving forward, we will incur more permitting costs. We are in the middle of the Oil and Gas Conformity Review which consists of sound tests, completing bio surveys, air mitigation and getting approval through the California Water Boards and the California Environmental Quality Act. We are currently getting quotes and estimates on the fencing which will reduce sound and lights for the residents that live near the drilling site. We are having signs made to signify the project name, location and roads that they MUST take.

When the above are complete, the Kern County Planning Commission will issue us a job ticket.

Once we have the job ticket from the Kern County Planning Commission, we will purchase a bond and submit a “Notice of Intention” to drill. This will be submitted to the California Department of Oil Gas and Geothermal Resources; they will then grant us the final permit to drill the first well.

Tentatively, we will be contracting a Key Energy Services, Series 400 jackknife Hopper mobile drilling rig.

Drilling will hopefully begin late April or early May of 2019.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the president Michael Anaradian at 661-324-7068.