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Middle East Mayhem Could Send Oil To $100

Coronavirus and the Saudi-Russia oil war have hit oil markets hard. But they will recover and with tensions rising in the Middle East, oil could skyrocket this year taking most by surprise

Our oil price (Buena Vista) has hit $40.87 as of today, June 4th 2020.  Our unique 24 gravity oil is used in the processing and manufacturing of many petroleum products, such as plastic.  
UPDATE REGARDING CVID-19 and Northwest Petroleum, Inc. 
Due to issues with the COVID-19 our phone systems are not always functioning at 100%. If you are trying to reach us it is best to send us an email us at: We will be sure to return a message or phone call as quickly as possible.
Although taking all necessary precautions, we at Northwest Petroleum, Inc. are watching the situation closely.  With that said, we are open and our drilling programs are moving forward as planned.

Some of World’s Most Expensive Oil Is Being Pumped in California!
 We are very fortunate our 24 gravity oil reserves in the Edison field is part of this highest priced oil in California.  It is equal to the Buena Vista pricing you see below.
 Bloomberg Reports:

In the golden hills of California’s San Joaquin Valley, oil jacks pump what is among the world’s most expensive types of crude.  Buena Vista’s posted price is more than $10 above West Texas Intermediate futures and almost $3 more than Brent. Today it is :

The oil is also more expensive than international grades such as Dubai and Oman.  There is limited reserves of  Buena Vista crude that is produced. About 1.2 million barrels were pumped from the century-old field in all of 2017, or a little more than 3,000 a day, state data show.

California refiners have few links to the U.S.’s growing shale production in Texas and North Dakota and are therefore reliant on the state’s own diminishing supplies. What isn’t produced locally must be shipped in by tanker from Alaska, Saudi Arabia and other far off locations. This dependence has made California crude more valuable at a time of sanctions that have cut off Venezuelan supply and production cuts by OPEC and its allies.

This link is where you can find the information:

For up to date Buena Vista Oil pricing please use this link:

If you scroll down to California Oil Indexes you will see the most current published pricing for our Buena Vista Oil – Respectively speaking, Kern Oil and Refining in Bakersfield, CA, pays us on average $10.00 a barrel over the stated price of Brent Crude Oil.



The buzz around the oil market is quickly turning positive, we believe we’ve finally gotten through the slump. Oil prices have been down for quite some time, but the storm has passed. See out our latest project here.


We always make sure our clients are well informed about the investment oppourtunity and associated risks with investing.

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Due to technology lowering costs, and export prices rising; there is huge room for growth in the Oil sector.

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Direct Oil and Gas Investments boast some of the best tax incentives available to investors. Let us show you how you can decrease your tax liability, while boosting your cash flow with a monthly check.

Is the demand for oil growing?
Yes. Month over month, demand for gasoline continues to rise. Last month demand was up over 10% when compared with the same period last year.
Is supply for oil decreasing?
Yes. Supplies are declining and this year the trend will continue with lower oil production. Lower supplies also leaves less producers selling oil.
What does high demand and low supply mean?
This means now is the perfect time to invest in Oil. High demand combined with lower production leads to increased profits and higher oil prices.

Michael Anaradian


Michael co-founded Northwest Petroleum in 1987.  He has broad experience and understands both the investment and production sides of the business. He started his career at EF Hutton as a security broker. He left that profession and began a career in what would be one of his passions—oil and gas industry.

Michael worked as a drilling consultant and supervisor for Red Bird Petroleum in Texas. He formed a partnership and together they started Glenco Drilling in Kentucky acting as field manager for exploration and completion programs, including drilling and/or completion and production of 50+ wells. Michael became President and Chief Executive Officer of Petrodyne Ltd…….

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I have invested in 127 wells with 30 different groups. Northwest Petroleum is the only one where I still receive regular checks. The other 29 groups have either disappeared or send requests for additional investment due to cost overruns.


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